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Health Citizen Pledge 

We can get the COVID-19 pandemic under control. But we need to work together to do it. 

  • Each of us must commit to being a good health citizen who knows how to protect our own health, the health of our family, and the health of our community through prevention and planning.
  • Government officials at all levels must commit to serving the people: to protecting our health and our ability to support our families.

We pledge to uphold our part of that commitment and to hold our government officials accountable for upholding theirs. 

As a member of the public, I agree that the following are priorities:

  • To responsibly reopen and restart our social lives, our schools, and our economy.

  • To save lives, reduce suffering, and decrease long-term disability by slowing the spread of COVID-19.

  • To protect the physical and mental well-being of our healthcare workers and other essential workers so they can continue to take care of us and our loved ones.

In support of these priorities, I pledge to do the following:

  • I will establish a “social bubble” with others who have a similar risk tolerance and are committed to maintaining that bubble.

  • When I am outside of that social bubble, I will wear a mask and practice physical distancing for as long as COVID-19 is still a threat to my community. I will take extra care when near people who are high risk, including the elderly, disabled, and immune-compromised.

  • I will learn about COVID-19 from knowledgeable, fact-based sources and understand that information about COVID-19 will change as we learn more about it. 

  • I will get a flu vaccine if I am able to do so and keep up with my appointments for other health needs in order to protect my health and preserve healthcare resources for the care of people with COVID-19.
  • I will learn how to safely get a COVID-19 test before I need to be tested and commit to getting tested if I think I may have been exposed.

  • I will create a household COVID plan for how to isolate and care for myself or people I live with if one of us becomes sick or tests positive. 

  • I will make an emergency contact list, including phone numbers for hospitals and clinics I might need to visit. I will call to get the current guidelines on when and how to safely visit before going to a hospital or clinic.

  • I will learn how contact tracing works near me so I can be prepared to participate if I test positive or find out I had contact with someone who did.
  • I will vote for (if I am legally able) and support candidates and elected officials who understand the government health responsibilities listed below.

  • I will hold government officials accountable for following through on these responsibilities.

Government Health Responsibilities

  • To sponsor and support policies that are based on the advice of non-partisan public health experts.

  • To work with all levels of government and the private sector to create and support testing, contact tracing, and isolation programs that are adequate to contain the pandemic.

  • To protect the safety of our healthcare and essential workers and ensure they have enough high quality PPE to do their jobs as safely as possible.

  • To financially support businesses and households to encourage healthy choices and improve the post-pandemic economic recovery.


I pledge to do my part as a good health citizen to get the COVID-19 pandemic under control, and I call on my elected representatives and government officials to uphold their responsibility to protect the health of the people. 

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Who We Are

HCW Hosted is a Tucson-based, non-partisan non-profit dedicated to facilitating community support of healthcare workers and their families during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. 

We are healthcare workers & family members, anthropologists, public health professionals, psychologists, epidemiologists, and general community members. We are committed to serving and supporting the whole frontline healthcare team: nurses, respiratory and radiology technicians, doctors, aides, environmental services workers, hospital social workers, EMTs, medics, case managers, unit clerks, and all the other professions who make frontline healthcare possible.

You can find out more about us or follow us on our website, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. And you can read our co-founder's Op-Ed in the New York Times to find out more about why we exist.

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